Welcome to MJ Blog – Moving is Living

Dear friends and fellow jet setters,

As some of you know (and encouraged me), I wanted to create a travel blog in 2011. Instead, I signed up for Twitter. Frankly, I was too busy climbing the corporate ladder to run a blog. Now, with freedom and flexibility of being an entrepreneur and semi-retired (at the age of 29 – I know!), while enjoying another wonderful road trip (realising I must have checked-in to over 400 cities in the last 8 years or so) – I thought it’s time to finally create the blog after all. I am known for the motto “moving is living” and for travelling about 80% of my time, so here is my attempt to give back, share the travel tips and contribute to the world. After all, ‘travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer’.

I hope you enjoy the blog and find the posts useful. Please engage in the comments and share your feedback – I’m new to blogosphere and I want to bring as much value as I possibly can!

With that, let’s begin and let me wish you safe travels and an amazing journey!

Many thanks, best regards & looking forward,


To learn more about me and read more blog posts, visit http://www.mjtheconsultant.com

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