My name is Marcin Jasinski and I currently live in Luxembourg. I was born in Poland in a poor but loving family. We never had the time or money to travel and my very first trip abroad was to Slovakia when I was 15 years old. In high school I went to France as an exchange student and absolutely fell in love with travel as a way to explore the world, expand the horizons and learn new things. From that point on, travel has been with me all the time and I left home at the age of 18 to study abroad – in the UK.

After UK, I lived in Gdynia, Poland and then Paris, France and finally Luxembourg, Luxembourg. I quickly climbed the corporate ladder (went into management in a Fortune 500 company at the age of 23), which enabled me to travel the world both for business and pleasure. I have developed an extensive network, especially in Europe, but also in Asia and the US. Coming from a poor background, I never really had a lot of money to travel, but ambition and resourcefulness enabled me to visit over 400 cities between the age of 19 and 29. At the age of 27 I took on a global marketing role with a tech company, which gave me another great opportunity to travel and lead people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. At the age of 29, I became my own boss and started a management consultancy freelance business. I continue travelling incessantly as my major passion (usually people start the phone conversation with me with “where in the world are you today!?”) and inspiration.

The main purpose of this blog is to share my experiences, inspiration and recommendations. I know how it is to travel on a budget, on business trips as well as on holidays and I would like to share affordable luxury travel tips with you in order to add value to your trips and life.

With that, I hope that you’ll find this blog useful. Don’t hesitate to comment, ask questions and share feedback, as well as connect with me on social media.

Warmly wishing you safe travels,